Conjecture alone must not be allowed destroy an innocent man

I fully support anti-doping institutions in the fight for clean sport; doping has no place in sport. It is important, however, that the rules are the same for everyone, which has not been respected in Roman’s case. Conjecture alone must not be allowed to destroy an innocent man. I wish him a fair process.
Professor Pavel Kolář

Roman Kreuziger is innocent

Roman Kreuziger has not breached the anti-doping regulations of the UCI. The burden of proof was on the UCI and it failed to prove the allegation that the athlete breached anti-doping regulations, i.e. that the athlete used banned methods or substances.


Arbitration Panel of the Czech Olympic Committee 22. 10. 2014

The UCI experts continue to ignore generally accepted forensic standards for the evaluation of scientific evidence

The UCI experts claim that doping is 'highly likely'. However, that's by far not good enough! The IOC decided many years ago that the certainty should be at least 99.99%. Why? With ~250,000 conventional tests per year, that leads to an innocent athlete being convicted every two weeks - without real defense. That was believed to be an acceptable risk of competing. The UCI experts are invited to provide a calculation to support their verbal statistical claim ('highly likely'). I'm very confident that it's a mere guess, their personal belief that the rider is guilty. Clearly, such beliefs should never enter an expert opinion.
Dr. Klaas Faber, Independent anti-doping expert and former forensic scientist
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Like a Sheriff in a frontier town...

Whether you’re a fan or not of Kreuziger isn’t important, the governing body went beyond the text of its own rules to stop a rider from racing. It ought to make us uncomfortable when a governing body tasked with setting and upholding the rules starts bending them. It can argued it’s right to bend them for the right reasons but it’s risky when the UCI starts acting like a Sheriff in a frontier town.
INRNG, 21. 8. 2014

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